About Zimmermann

About Zimmermann

Zimmermann brand was created by two sisters - Nicky and Simone Zimmermann in Sydney Australia. Zimmermann is considered a luxury brand or a high-end fashion brand. The label is unique because Zimmermann designers do not follow fashion trends. Naked Pear explains commonly asked questions including how tell a fake Zimmermann, the sizes of Zimmermann swimwear which tends to run on the small side and that most Zimmermann garments are made in China. Fun facts about the brand are also addressed including what does Zimmermann mean and how to pronounce the name.

Where is Zimmermann Made? 

Most Zimmermann garments are manufactured in China. The country of manufacture typically depends on the type of product being made. Zimmermann sources artisans in Portugal, India, Poland and Turkey to manufacture specific products such as shoes and bags. 

Zimmermann care label

Zimmermann made in brazil


Who owns the Zimmermann brand?

The Zimmermann brand was founded by two sisters - Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, in Sydney in 1991; in December 2020, Style Capital, a private equity company investing in high-end fashion brands, acquired 70% of the company and is now the majority shareholder in the Zimmermann brand.  According to Rag Trader, The Zimmermann family remain to be 30% shareholders of the brand.

Zimmermann postcard skirt brand


Who is the Zimmermann girl?

The ‘Zimmermann girl’ is another way of describing the target demographic of the Zimmermann brand. It is a term used to describe women seeking out Zimmermann clothing. The Zimmermann girl can be described as bright, fashionable, and elegantly stylish. She typically possesses an eye for high-end fabrics and master cutting. 


who is the Zimmermann girl

Is Zimmermann a luxury brand?

Zimmermann is considered a luxury clothing, accessories and high-end shoe brand. The Zimmermann brand has been in operation since 1991 and is considered a luxury brand by its price points, timelessness, materials, workmanship and second-hand resell value. 


Zimmermann is a luxury brand


Why is Zimmermann unique?

Zimmermann is unique because Zimmermann designers do not follow fashion trends. Their styles are typically unique and differentiated because the inspiration from which they are created is very experience-specific, based on Nicky Zimmermann’s childhood in Sydney, Australia. According to Forbes, Zimmermann’s styles are so differentiated and unique that many other brands derive inspiration from Zimmermann in creating their collections. 

Zimmermann is Unique


Is Zimmermann good quality?

Whilst Zimmermann styles are considered trendsetting and pioneering; the jury is out about how the quality relates to the elevated prices of their garments. Whilst reviews may vary about whether the garments are worth the price they sell for, Zimmermann will continue to appeal to a specific client base seeking their products. Product reviews can be found at online review sites such as productreview.com.au. 

Zimmermann quality

What is the largest size in Zimmermann?

Zimmermann sizing ranges from OP, considered ‘petite’, to the largest size 4, considered ‘plus size.’ Size 4 has only been introduced in more recent collections in 2022. Size 4 is considered a size 16 in Australia and UK, a size 12 in the United States, a size 44 in Europe and a 48 in Italy. 

What is the difference between Zimmerman and Zimmermann?

Both the words Zimmermann and Zimmerman are derived from the German word ‘carpenter.’ Zimmermann is derived from Zimmerman in the German language. Both are frequently recognised German-derived surnames found all over the world. According to Wikipedia, the differentiator for Zimmermann, the well-known clothing brand, is their double ‘n’ version at the end of the word

Why did Mexico not accept the Zimmerman note?

In January 1917, the German Foreign Minister wrote a telegram to German Minister Heinrich Eckhardt in Mexico. British cryptographers deciphered this telegram.  The message offered Mexico United States territory in return for joining the German cause. Mexican president Carranza officially rejected the proposal. The rejection was because a military commission deemed that there would be no benefit in accepting it. (Acccording to Wikipedia)

zimmermann note mexico united states

Source: Pinterest

Why did the U.S. not like the Zimmerman note?

The United States did not like the Zimmerman note because it revealed a plan by the Germans to reignite unlimited submarine battles and to create a coalition with Japan and Mexico should the United States go to war against Germany. Luckily for the USA, the message was intercepted by British cryptographers and passed on to the United States. This note caused fury in the United States and was part of the reason they entered World War 1. (According the theworldwar.org)

Zimmerman note

What does Zimmermann mean in German?

The simple answer to the meaning of ‘Zimmermann’ in German is “carpenter.”

It is, however, an older meaning of the word. The modern German word for a carpenter is Zimmerer, Tischler, or Schreiner, but Zimmermann is still used. According to Wikipedia Zimmermann is a popular surname of German descent around the world

Zimmermann in German means carpenter

How do you pronounce Zimmerman? 

The pronunciation in English of “Zimmermann” is:


Does Zimmermann run big or small?

This question depends on the type of structure of the garment in question. Zimmermann swimwear tends to run on the small side, especially if buying ‘cheeky’ bikini bottoms. Dresses or tops with a solid structure and without any stretch can also run on the small side. Shoes typically run true to size unless there is a pointed toe, which will run small. For dresses, blouses and tops that are smocked or billowy, then true to size or even running big is how they are sized. For an in-debth explanation and a thorough Zimmermann size guide, please visit this Naked Pear Size Guide.

Zimmermann Sizing


How can you tell a fake Zimmermann?

There are three recommendations to ascertain if a Zimmermann garment is genuine or fake:

  • Check the sizing tag and care label. For genuine Zimmermann, the size tag is affixed to the right of the “Zimmermann” label. In any other position, you know that the garment is fake. 
  • Another sign that the item is not genuine is to check the care label. Zimmermann care labels have a specific layout, font and spacing of the letters It is difficult to imitate. Compare it against a genuine label or an image of one online to ascertain if the care label is genuine. 
  • Finally, check the hardware and zippers. Zimmermann zippers and hardware typically brand theirs, whereas fake Zimmermann does not. It is an easy tell-tale sign of counterfeits when the zipper or hardware is less of quality or not branded. (According to Hire Society)


how to tell if a zimmermann is a fake


how to tell if a zimmermann is a fake


how to tell if a zimmermann is a fake


Zimmermann care label make sure not a fake


Zimmermann care label make sure not a fake
by Naked Pear Founder, Lauren Levy

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