Founder- Lauren Levy

Picture of Lauren Levy, founder of Naked Pear with dog Buthelezi - don't take things so seriously and remember to have fun too!

It all began with a passion for creative fashion, an eye for authentic styling, and a quest to contribute to the fashion industry's overall sustainability. Fourteen years ago, Lauren Levy started her fashion business. She aimed to source highly sought-after Australian fashion from brands that had made too much. In doing so, seasonal styles left over received a new lease on life in a brand new way. She had a vision - to recreate the outlet experience. 

It didn't take long before Lauren learned of the magnitude of like-minded girls. Girls who shared the love for well-made garments and accessories, great bargains and were not scared to recreate older styles in new and exciting ways. It is with this aspiration that Naked Pear was born. An online destination to explore and find affordable cherished fashion treasures. 

Lauren views fashion as a human art form. Fashion permits diverse personalities to express themselves and celebrates individuality. Self-love and positive self-esteem are entwined intricately with the ability to express oneself through clothing and accessories. Lauren is fueled by the accomplishment of delivering therapeutic (retail) therapy at competitive price points, making coveted designer brands available to most, not just the elite and super-rich. 

Lauren is an ongoing volunteer as a fashion stylist for fashion charity Fashion Forward. All proceeds from the charity support the Jewish House crisis centre. Her community involvement ensures minimal wastage and conscious support to those in need. 

Lauren Levy Naked Pear Founder

Lauren was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and lives in Sydney, Australia. She has also lived in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, where she attended McGill University and spent several years in New York City. An international background has exposed her to cultural diversity from which she always draws upon when sourcing styles for Naked Pear. A degree in psychology, with honours in Motivational Psychology, prepared her to understand her customers' intrinsic needs. Lauren is a big believer in self-growth and continues her quest for education by reading and delving into assorted YouTube videos. 

Lauren is a happily married mum of two kids and an adorable dog named Buthelezi. She is an avid exerciser and devoted yogi. She thoroughly enjoys a hot Epsom salt bath with aromatherapy oils at the day's end. 

Today, Lauren runs her business with a thorough knowledge of her client base and serves many loyal returning customers. She has met beautiful friends along the way and loves the process every step of the way.