About Naked Pear

About Naked Pear

Naked Pear has a new look at the future of fashion by elongating the lifecycle of seasonal styles. We believe that highly creative designers should have a place to send their outdated stock where the brand's timelessness and aesthetic value is honoured. Instead, we relish in redefining and celebrating their legacy. Our mantra: Good Styles Never Die. 

As an ethical fashion company, we sell primarily new items. 

  • Brand new, never used, tags attached. Most of the items in our store are yet to be enjoyed and worn. Naked Pear delivers brand new fashion for competitive prices as a sustainable avenue for brands to channel their excess inventory. 
  • Pre-loved - It is worn, but plenty more future enjoyment still to be had. We offer a sustainable solution for pre-loved fashion and one-off pieces.

We believe that well-made garments do not depreciate over time. Instead, they hold their value and promote extended ownership and longevity. With this mindset, we hope to redefine the meaning of outlet shopping.

The lifecycle of fashion goods has sadly had a detrimental impact on our planet. The typical consumer mindset of 'buy now, throw away later' means landfills are filling, and our environment is suffering. 

Pieces with creative and unique design, expert craftsmanship and an intriguing designer story all lend themselves to the symbolic value of a garment's longevity. With this in mind, we hope to deliver valuable keepsakes and fashion treasures for many years to come. 

By redefining outlet shopping, we elongate and increase the lifecycle of fashion. With over a decade of sourcing and on-selling designer fashion, we enable brands to re-encourage the continuous flow. 

We strive to Perpetuate The Life-Cycle Of Fashion. 

To ensure all products channel beneficially, Naked Pear collaborates with community-based and charitable fashion initiatives to implant a circular and regenerative fashion model within our retail concept.

Naked Pear ABN 59 248 093 235