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Can a dog lover really wear cats?

Can a dog lover really wear cats?

Cat theme
Whilst every animal should be entitled  to their time to shine, and it’s about time the little domestic fur ball knocked its fiercer relative, the leopard and his print right off its  fashion throne, I decided to delve a bit deeper into this new fad.
What I want to know is: why on earth cats?
After a bit of googling and wikipedia-ing around the web I learnt that the cat frenzy ignited in response to a designer’s passionate love for his cat!  Uber fashion designer for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld admitted to CNN that if it were legal to marry his cat, Choupette, he would!  He also stated that he is both disappointed and frustrated that he is not legally able to do so.
Cats and Karl
The animal has two full time maids, is groomed twice a day, has high-end manicures and serves as Karl’s muse for several of his couture collections.
To quote our other cat loving celeb,  Dr Evil…. “Right!”
Dr Evil
Since this proclamation, cat prints have exploded. They have landed up on t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, bags, shorts, accessories… Cats have also taken on a social media frenzy, just check out #catsofinstagram on Instagram with 1m followers!
It is truly mind boggling.
Perhaps I am the first to point this out, but has ‘fashion’ actually lost its mind!? Designers such has Moschino and Alexander Wang have all jumped aboard the kitty band wagon.  I am a self confessed dog lover but would never wish to walk down the aisle or be intimately involved with a canine lover (ugh, erase terrible mental image). I also find it fascinating how once a designer has been crowned fashion royalty, any whim or even psychoses they may present turns into a blind cult following. It’s quite absurd.
I will however say this:
A cat lover wearing cat prints and embracing the feline fashion is certainly justified. Why not embrace the look if cats are your thing?  From a dog lover’s perspective it becomes a question of how much of a slave to fashion can I really be? I have never stopped to pet a cat, nor have I found them cute or endearing. The closest I have ever come to a kitty is my friend Katrina who we all call Kat! But that’s where it begins and ends!
Perhaps the time will come for the next fashion superhero to proclaim their life’s soul mate in their bulldog or Shitzu or terrier. Until such a time.. no matter how often Karl’s cat parades the Chanel runway, this feline inspired trend is definitely NOT for me.

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