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Karen Walker is a sunglasses, fashion and accessories brand that attracts those seeking differential alternativism and people who are not afraid to push a few fashion boundaries. By far, the most popular global sensation is the Karen Walker sunglasses collection. The sunglasses are edgy, trendy, alternative and sometimes strange. It is this distinguishing characteristic that cements her appeal in the eyewear market. She was one of the first designers to embrace a broader approach to beauty and aesthetics, using older and less ‘perfect’ models in her advertising campaigns. She even doesn't discriminate based on humans! A dog has been the face of her brand for many years! A pioneer in inclusivity and body positivity, Karen Walker will forever be the queen of alternative eyewear. 

Karen Walker Advertising Campaign

         Source: Truly Deep

   Karen Walker Sunglasses Dog

         Source: Truly Deep

Karen Walker Sunglasses

Karen Walker sunglasses are not for the faint-hearted. The styles are crazy by name and appearance! Their most popular colour variation in the acetate range is called “Crazy Tort”, which, simply put, is a tortoiseshell acetate. The shapes are elegant yet dramatic. The cat's eyes are pointier, the oversized styles are even bigger, and the curves are dramatically more exaggerated than most designer frames such as Gucci, Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Oliver People. Karen Walker falls within the same market tier as these luxury eyewear designer brands. 

Karen Walker Super Hybrid Crazy Tort
Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses, Crazy Tort  Source: Naked Pear

Despite Karen Walker’s quest for eccentricity, it does not impact her quest for sustainability of the sunglasses she styles and creates. Karen Walker sunglasses now use a premium bio-acetate. It is an acetate derived from wood pulp and is cultivated and harvested within the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines. In a quest to create eyewear with less waste and more bio-diversity, the bio-acetate material was recently adopted. A unique vegetable-derived solution replaces the older chemical plasticiser perilous to the environment. Biodegradability is achieved with this innovative new material. 


Inclusivity and biodegradability aside, Karen Walker sunglasses offer good UV protection and high protection against glare from the sun. They are all packaged in high-quality, hard cases, and all the sunglasses are adorned with the same Karen Walker logo of a long gold arrow usually featured at the temple and arm of the frame. The signature Karen Walker arrow has become the identifier of her iconic frames. 

Karen Walker True North

         Source: Naked Pear


Karen Walker in Australia

Karen Walker is a fashion brand that began and is run out of New Zealand. Since Australia and New Zealand are akin to sister countries, it is unsurprising that Karen Walker found great success in the Australian market. The gold Karen Walker logo on the sunglasses can be regularly seen around large Australian cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. Bondi Beach is a haven for Karen Walker's eccentric and daring fashion sunglasses. 

Bondi Beach Vincent Rivaud Pexels

                  Source: Vincent Rivaud, via Pexels

Karen Walker Sale

Since Karen Walker is sold at most major retailers in Australia and worldwide, including David Jones, Myer, The Iconic, Shopbob, Revolve and more, they are not difficult to find. The brand, however, is certainly a costly one. Nonetheless, deals can be had by waiting for end-of-season sales or visiting Karen Walker online outlets such as Naked Pear. Naked Pear is a shopping destination for older season styles that can be picked up much cheaper than current lines sold elsewhere. Don’t underestimate the seasons past! Past season’s styles are still the same great quality and workmanship, and the styles are similar.  Naked Pear is an online retailer scouring older styles of great Aussie and New Zealand designers. Naked Pear sells Karen Walker sunglasses for great prices all year round. Naked Pear offers Karen Walker sales all year round!

 Karen Walker older styles at Naked Pear

                       Source: Naked Pear


Karen Walker Jewellery

Karen Walker makes jewellery that comprises necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Unlike Karen Walker sunglasses, the jewellery is less statement-making and bold. The Jewellery in her line is more subdued and subtle. All styles feature in either silver, gold or sometimes rose gold. Despite the subdued nature of the styles, the components of the styles still contain interesting concepts. One is called ‘The Runaway Girl,’ featured on sleepers, studs, rings, bracelets and necklaces. It features a little girl with a bindle bag. We all know the bag or sack on the end of a stick, reminiscent of the childhood story: Huckleberry Fin. This little girl with her stick bag can be found on studs, sleepers, rings and bracelets. Other trinkets on Karen Walker jewellery are garden forks, garlic cloves, gumboots, bows, stars, sweet corn and carrots! They are designed to resonate with the wearer in ways other jewellery does not!

Karen Walker Runaway girl earrings gold Karen Walker Runaway Girl Earrings, Gold. Source: Karen Walker

Karen Walker Will and Grace

Will and Grace is a popular sitcom in the United States. The show features two leading roles - Will and Grace. They are best friends and flatmates. Will is a gay man, and Grace is a straight woman. The show has two supporting roles, Karen and Jack. Megan Mullally performs Karen’s character. Her full name on the show is Karen Walker! This name is pure coincidence and bears no relevance or relationship to the designer - Karen Walker. The character in this show is a super-rich, entitled, divorced and spoilt wealthy woman who works as an assistant for Grace, an interior designer. She works for her,  not because she needs the money, but because she is bored. It is not surprising that Karen Walker in this show is no help to Grace in this role as an assistant. Since her name in the show is Karen Walker, some may be confused about the relevance to the fashion designer - Karen Walker. The truth is that the names may be the same, but Karen Walker in Will and Grace bears no relevance to Karen Walker sunglasses or any jewellery or fashion created by the designer. 


Karen Walker Will and Grace

         "Karen" (Walker) from Will and Grace. Source: EOnline


Karen Walker Reviews

Karen Walker reviews can be found all over the internet. Popular review sites such as Amazon, Knoji, Yelp, Influenster and Beauty Review are great sites to visit when seeking honest reviews by purchasers and wearers of Karen Walker sunglasses. It is important to remember that since these glasses are only for some, they can have mixed reviews if the styles do not suit the purchaser. It is always important to keep an open mind and read a broad range of reviews before purchasing any brand. Ultimately, we all make our own decisions, but an educated decision based on others’ experiences can always help. 

In conclusion, Karen Walker is a stand-out brand that offers high-quality sunglasses, jewellery and fashion to those seeking to make a statement of individuality and uniqueness. It may not be for you, but it certainly appeals to many. 


Where are Karen Walker sunglasses made? 


Karen Walker is a New Zealand-based company based in the suburb of Grey Lynn, Auckland. Karen Walker glasses are made in China. The styles are created and designed in New Zealand but manufactured in China. Below is an image of a genuine Karen Walker sunglasses box with the Made in China sticker attached. Karen Walker practices manufacturing in China under within the framework of high ethical values. At the core of their values lies responsibility, uniqueness, quality and connection with their manufacturers. This ensures ethical manufacturing across the supply chain. 


Karen Walker Made in China sticker


Karen Walker Made in China


What is Karen Walker famous for?

Karen Walker is a well-established fashion designer known for her ambisexual and alternative sunglass and jewellery creations. Her trademark style is tomboy-esque, combining unexpected elements. Baby pink with punk touches, bright neons with subdued pastels. In 2000 she featured at New York Fashion Week and became an iconic designer at this time. Her fame took time as she launched her fashion label in 1989. It was at this pivotal time that she became an internationally famous designer, celebrated for her accessories, fashion and jewellery. She is also famous for her unwavering appeal to top-tier celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron. 


How much is Karen Walker worth?

 Karen Walker is a highly successful international fashion designer. According to several sources, Wikipedia, Forbes and Business Insider, she is estimated to be evaluated at approximately $5 million. She started her business in 1989  with only NZ $100! 

Karen Walker Succes

Is Karen Walker a good brand?

Karen Walker can be considered a luxury fashion designer. Karen Walker is based out of New Zealand, a country where many high quality products originate. Their products are high in quality and eccentric in style. The brand has been steadily growing in dedicated followers for over 20 years. Her sunglasses are made out of the finest biodegradable materials that is not only good for the person who wears them, but good for the environment. 


Where does Karen Walker live?

Karen Walker lives in an area called Ponsonby in Auckland New Zealand, this is the place where Karen Walker lives with her husband Mikhail, her daughter, Valentina as well as her dog, Laika. As of 2022 she will have lived in this house for 14 years. She calls her villa that she lives in her ‘happy place.’

New Zealand Tyler Lastovich image

         New Zealannd, Source: Tyler Lastovich 

Where to buy Karen Walker sunglass

Karen Walker have stockists worldwide as well as online sellers. Online stockists include: David Jones, Glasses USA, Karen Walker Online, MYP, Resene, Revolve Clothing, Shopbob, The Iconic, TheMarket, Urban Outfitters. Online sales outlet sites including Naked Pear and Kogan, sell previous styles at reduced prices. The largest amount of stockists of Karen Walker exist in Australia and New Zealand. Other countries with stockists include Canada, Cook Islands, Fiji, Monaco, Peru, Philippines, Sweden, Switzerland, Zurich, United Kingdom, the United States and Vanatu. 


karen walker sunglasses


In conclusion, Karen Walker is a stand-out brand that offers high-quality sunglasses, jewellery and fashion to those seeking to make a statement of individuality and uniqueness. It may not be for you, but it certainly appeals to many. 

 by Naked Pear Founder, Lauren Levy

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