Let's Get Real, about Fakes

Let's Get Real, about Fakes

Indicative of the times in which we live, fakeness is endemic. Fake news,  fake luxury goods, fake is here to stay and it is everywhere.  For the purpose of this blog, I will keep my references strictly to fashion. Fakeness could be bold and blaring, the kind that slaps you in the face with a polyurethane whack. Others, however closely resemble their authentic counterpart so much so, that, even the most discerning luxury human would not be able to tell a good counterfeit apart. 


Ascertaining authenticity is a must.  


Here are a few ideas on how to navigate online shopping with ease of mind:

  • Luxury fashion is sold everywhere nowadays. It is very popular to snag a great designer deal on a marketplace website like eBay and Amazon. The reason for this is buyers are protected. Buyer protection is key. It holds the seller to account to do and sell what it is that they describe. Furthermore, on these channels, counterfeits are prohibited. This means that if you do land up buying a counterfeit on a Zimmermann sale, you will always be protected. Once you figure out you’ve been duped, eBay will protect you to make sure you get your money back. Repeat offences by a seller will inevitably result in their seller account being punished and removed for repeat offences. 


  • Reviews are everything. Most marketplace platforms work on seller reviews. If a seller is popular, offers good service, great communication, money-back guarantees,  accepts returns and offers free local shipping, then it only follows that customers will be happy. Accumulating thousands of positive reviews are in turn rewarded by the platform in the form of Top Rated Seller status and accompanied by greater seller perks. It is, therefore, safe to say that you can rest assured that luxury fashion, such as Zimmermann dresses or Camilla and Marc shoes that are purchased from an eBay top-rated seller, should be authentic. 


  • Another great way to spot a legitimate seller of designer goods would be to look at their tenure as a seller. Sellers who sell fakes, don’t last long. Due to the system in place mentioned above, a seller of counterfeits will be closed down before they can develop a worthy reputation as a trusted seller. A reputable seller, selling only authentic merchandise enjoy long-standing status. It is safe to assume that seller accounts that are in it for the long haul, will sell you only a legitimate authentic handbag. 
  • If you are the type of buyer that remains suspicious, despite these protections, then artificial intelligence is your next bet.  It's miraculous that such a great concept exists. Entrupy is a technology-driven app that authenticates high-value items that are frequently counterfeited. It works on thousands and millions of photographs of both real and counterfeit products and authenticates the genuine items with a certificate recognized by the brands themselves. This process is objective and scientifically proven to protect buyers. It also protects sellers so they know they can sell an authentic high-end product with confidence.

A bit more about us: NakedPear, trading as “TheNakedPear’ on the eBay platform has been in operation on the eBay platform now since 2002, We have enjoyed Top Rated seller status, with a 100% positive feedback score. We are not perfect but we do pride ourselves on all points mentioned above, that is: customer focus, longevity, passion and of course, authenticity for all the luxury items we sell. 

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