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A little party dress is a dress that is worn to one of life's special events. They come in many different colours, prints, lengths, necklines, silhouettes and shapes. A good party dress makes a woman feel confident, elegant, classy, festive and happy. Party dresses can vary from formal to 'dressy casual,' depending on the event. The little black dress is a classic and essential choice every girl needs in her wardrobe. Wrap dresses and shiny lurex are popular best-selling styles for glamorous parties. Finding a dress that is stylish and of good quality is ideal. 

what is a Little Dress by Naked Pear

What is a Little Party Dress?


The “little party dress” is a much-coveted closet staple. The term gained popularity in the 1950s and has accumulated acclaim ever since. The one fashion piece inhabits our closets, awaiting her need for the perfect event. She is patient and will wait if need be. This event may be imminent, yet it’s not required. The mere prospect of a function or event is a great reason to have a few such dresses on hand. 

Zimmermann Anneke Ruffle Mini dress 

Zimmermann Anneke Ruffle Mini dress green cutout long puff sleeve

How do I find the perfect little party dress?

Unsurprisingly, many women invest in a few such dresses despite the imminent need for one. Special events can pop up at any given moment. Preparation is key. The term ‘little party dress’ tends to indicate a short, often above-the-knee dress, but it needn’t be. The term refers widely to any dress that will create opportunities for fun times ahead. Some prefer to twirl the night away in other versions, midi or maxi, fitted and tight, or free to flow. It could be a dress that takes a girl from work in an office to a bar for after-work drinks. Any dress that conjures excitement for frolicking, festivities and fun times to celebrate life’s special moments is the definition of ‘little party dress.’ Sources for the perfect dress are far and wide. Hopefully, we can simplify the process. 

Sass & Bide Long Live Dress 

Sass & Bide Long live split maxi dress orange black stripe


How many types of ladies' dresses are there?

To answer this question is similar to answering ‘How long is a piece of string?’ There are endless possibilities - variations include tight versus fitted, solid versus printed, tight versus flowing, short versus long, black versus colourful, posh versus bohemian, lace and frills versus tailored, and wrap versus pencil.  The list goes on, as these variants often overlap. It can be quite consuming to analyse all the different variations. Still, it is much easier to delve within and find a dress that suits your body type, personality, and the event in question.

Camilla and Marc Revocation Dress 

Camilla and Marc Revocation mini printed Dress


How do I choose a party outfit?

This depends on many factors. Most importantly, when selecting the perfect dress for your occasion, invest in a dress that will make you feel fabulous and confident. With confidence, anything is possible. The perfect little party dress will ensure that it accentuates your best features whilst complimenting your inner style. Below are a few ideas, tips and tricks to help pick one or even ten, out. 

Rebecca Valance Yellow Little Party Dress

Rebecca Vallance Yellow black midi dress


What does a Dressy Casual Party Dress Mean?

We know this dress code can sound incredibly confusing! The two words, ‘dressy’ and ‘casual’, literally have two opposing meanings. Let's break it down. The dress code blends elements of formal and informal dresses. Still confused? It means the dress should be relaxed and comfortable, yet still polished and put together. The events that call for this look are semi-formal or informal, where the patrons will look stylish without being too formal or overdressed. When it comes to dresses, think of a simple sheath, casual maxi dress or slip dress. Glammed-up accessories can add a touch of glam to any casual dress, bringing the dress solidly into the ‘dressy-casual’ dress code. Opt for flats, sandals or ankle boots as opposed to stilettos or embellished heels. 

 Pictures make the concept clearer, consider these two yellow dresses:

 The Camilla and Marc Elara dress is a glitzy formal dress with a plunging neckline and a velvet sheen. This dress can only typically be worn with high heels, so does not fit into the ‘dressy-casual’ category.     

Camilla and marc Elara dress yellow formal
Camilla and marc Elara dress yellow formal


The Camilla and Marc Wally dress is a one-shoulder dress made from crisp poplin cotton, a twisted cutout at the mid-section and a relaxed fit. This dress can be considered casual but when worn with bold jewellery, a pair of stylish shoes and a handbag, it would be considered compliant with the dressy-casual dress code. 

Camilla and Marc Wally dress yellow

Camilla and Marc Wally dress yellow


Shona Joy yellow dress

Shona Joy Yellow dress



The Little Black Dress

In the 1920s, Coco Chanel coined the term ‘little black dress.’ The term denotes that girls needed at least one little black dress in their closet. The reason for this is because this colour dress is versatile and perennial, slow to date and incredibly useful for many occasions. The multiple looks it creates can vary depending on the accessories worn with the dress. Such accessories include shoes, handbags, jewellery and makeup. It can remain subtle and classic or elevated and bold. It can be worn to a party or dressed down casually for lunch. Some refer to it simply as the LBD - the Little Black dress - a basic dress with scope and versatility. Every girl needs at least one. period.  The little party dress that should exist before any other. 


The Camilla and Marc Cypress Midi dress is a great example of an LBD. It features one shoulder, midi length, fitted bodycon silhouette and is soft and stretchy. It can be paired with heels for an evening event or flats for a casual look. 

Camilla and Marc Cypress Midi dress black
Camilla and Marc Cypress Midi dress black


The Zimmermann Halter Neck Mini dress is another such party dress that could be an asset to any closet. With a halter neck and removable brooch, this dress has scope. It can be worn with the belt for a more cinched-in look or without the belt for a flowing dress. The brooch is removable and can be worn anywhere on the dress to create different effects. 

 Zimmermann halterneck halter neck mini dress cream white

Zimmermann halterneck halter neck mini dress black


Wrap Dresses

 Another great dress for parties and events is the wrap dress. An ethereal style that swishes and moves with the body, makes it a go-to for many parties or events. The dress typically wraps around the body at the waist and ties at the side. Sueded silk is an incredible choice of fabric for parties. The fabric is lightweight and has a sheen that glimmers with movement.

 Zimmermann makes great sought-after wrap dresses in sueded silk fabric. Many colours are available from season to season, and lengths are available either as midi or mini versions. The length you choose depends on the leg you are willing to show. No wonder these ‘little party dresses’ are hot sellouts every season. 

Zimmermann Silk Wrap Midi dress, in Sienna and Cream

    Zimmermann silk wrap midi dress sienna sueded silk dolman sleeve party

Zimmermann silk wrap midi dress cream white sueded silk dolman sleeve party

Silk Wrap Mini dress, Lapis (Royal Blue) and Sienna. 

Zimmermann silk wrap mini dress lapis blue navy sueded silk dolman sleeve party
Zimmermann silk wrap mini dress sienna rust terracotta sueded silk dolman sleeve party


A love for Lurex - Party Dresses with Shine

 A bit of shine and sparkle never harmed anyone, right? The metallic sheen of lurex fabric attracts attention and lights up any party vibe. It is a bold choice for a party dress and perfect for events like New Year’s Eve parties, birthdays or cocktail events. The dress will outshine any other because that is precisely what it was created to do. Think glamorous with added glitter. If a statement is the end goal for your next party, a party dress with Lurex is your go-to style.  

Zimmermann creates beautiful wrap dresses constructed from sheer silk fabric with lurex spots throughout. Once again, this dress is available in two lengths, mini or midi and an assortment of colours. 

 Zimmermann Lurex Wrap Midi Dress, Caramel

Zimmermann Lurex Wrap Midi dress caramel gold shine
Zimmermann Lurex Wrap Midi dress caramel gold shine


Zimmermann Silk Wrap Midi dress, Black  

Zimmermann Lurex Wrap Midi dress black gold shiny party dress

Zimmermann Lurex Wrap Midi dress black gold shiny party dress


   Silk Wrap Mini Dress, Olive

Zimmermann Lurex Wrap Mini dress olive khaki green gold shiny party dress



Colourful Printed Party Dress

 Dresses come in many colours and prints. Here is your opportunity to tell a story with the little party dress of choice. Prints range from florals to polka dots, stripes or pineapples and animal prints. The list is endless. Literally. Your choice of print is a personal one and should reflect your interests. If you are a feminine ‘girlie girl,’ pink florals will work a treat. Polka dots are cute and playful, and never date. Animal prints come and go but never seem to die off completely. If you use bold prints, keep makeup, shoes and accessories subtle. 

 The Zimmermann Spliced Zodiac Tie Neck Dress is a supreme example of incorporating unique interests into the colourful prints that pack a power punch and express a statement for an avid believer of Astrology. The term ‘spliced’ is a word used to refer to the combination of the combination of contrasting prints on the same party dress. Zimmermann does this well and often on a lot of their garments. This dress brings this statement to another level with the accentuated pussy bow and puff sleeves. 

Zimmermann Spliced Zodiac Tie Neck Dress zodiac print


The Zimmermann Lucky Frill Mini Dress in animal leopard print

Zimmermann Lucky Frill Mini Dress leopard animal print


The Lace Little Party Dress


Lace has been a fashion staple for centuries from Grace Kelly to Mary Antoinette. It is a timeless fabric, and most styles created today are vintage-inspired. Lace, by nature, is also sheer, so glimpses of skin underneath a veil of lace make the wearer feel sexy yet glamorous. It is, therefore, no surprise that the elegant and feminine fabric of lace makes an excellent material for an intricate, romantic and wonderfully timeless party dress. 


Camilla and Marc Plaza Lace Midi dress is one such dress. The dress is classic black lace throughout gathering and a partial lining. The torso portion of the dress is lined whereas the lower part is not, and therefore sheer. If you are a girl who typically wears midi dresses but looking to experiment with shorter hemlines, this dress could be a great segway into a shorter hemmed dress.

 Camilla and Marc Plaza Lace Midi mini midi dress black laceCamilla and Marc Plaza Lace Midi mini midi dress black laceCamilla and Marc Plaza Lace Midi mini midi dress black lace


The camilla and Marc Sable Mini dress is another example of lace without the sheer component. This dress uses lace as an accent around the neckline for a feminine touch. The bright colours are added elements of fun, making it an awesome party dress option. 

Camilla and Marc Sable Mini dress lace perssimon orange
Camilla and Marc Sable Mini dress lace blue



Another factor to consider when purchasing your perfect dress is to consider what neckline flatters your body type and makes you feel confident. The neckline is the closest part of the dress to your face, so matters considerably in the choice you make. Necklines to consider are off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, halter neck, high neck, tie neck, plunging neckline, scoop necklines or square neck. Cleavage is another factor worth considering, as is the amount you wish to show. Plunging necklines and low-cut V-necks are more revealing and suitable for the girl looking to show it all off. High necks and halternecks are better choices if you are conservative or prefer a modest look. 

Camilla and Marc Jules Halter Neck Midi dress is a halter neck with a subtle cutout. Added to the mix is a vibrant print in black white and a bright yellow. It is sure to be a great party dress. 


Camilla and Marc Jules Midi dress halter neck print yellow black white
Camilla and Marc Jules Midi dress halter neck print yellow black white


The Zimmermann Lola Frill Picnic dress is another great example of enhancing a neckline with a frill combined with a vibrant print and a matching belt. The straps tie around the neck in a halter-neck neckline but the frills accentuate the neckline for a fun and flirty look. It is an excellent option for a fun daytime party, boat party or sunset cocktails.  

Zimmermann Lola Picnic Dress floral print halter neck frill belt


 Zimmermann Lola Picnic Dress floral print halter neck frill belt


How to tell if the party dress is high quality?

 It bears mentioning that the dress you choose to buy should never be out-partied by the person wearing it. In other words, it should stick around for many parties to come. This means we need to invest in dresses of high quality. Here is what to look for when choosing your ultimate little party dress.

Fabric - Natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, linen are great comfortable, breathable choices. Polyester blends from high-quality synthetic fibers are another great choice for specific styles. The fabric should not pill, stretch in an uneven manner, fade or show discoloration. 

Construction - seams and stitches should be consistent, straight and durable.

Lining-lined dresses often indicate they are good quality so long as the lining is smooth, properly sewn, breathable and compliments the dress.  

Finishing touches - Examine the details! Areas for quality control are in the zippers, buttons, closures, hems and cuffs. Look out for darts, pleats and gathers that all blend seamlessly with the dress. 

Brand - do your research on the brand’s reputation with customer reviews. You will likely get a feel if a brand has stood the test of time.

Price - Price is a tricky variable because not all expensive dresses are good quality and you can find really great quality dresses at affordable prices. Consider all the factors above in conjunction with the price tag. Is the dress overpriced because it is just a fad or a current trend, but doesn’t offer consistent quality? Educate yourself, don’t be fooled by marketing!


Zimmermann Postcard Mini Dress


Zimmermann Eyelet floral mini dress


In conclusion, we all love a good social event where we can express our individuality through the dresses we wear. Memories are forever and often tied hand-in-hand with the expression of our little party dress that we wear on our bodies. When we put our party dress on, we transform personas. The dress we wear can create a more confident, expressive and joyful version of ourselves. As the iconic Audrey Hepburn once said “Life is a party, dress like it.” Allow the dress you choose to help you to enjoy life with joy and excitement.


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