Stupid Factory

Slogan T’s: Don’t say it, wear it

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when there are adorable T’s available to do the talking for us?

I have just returned from my holiday to Hawaii where I packed lightly for the first time (hurrah!).

My sister Sue and I found a store called The Stupid Factory. The name tickled our fancy just a tad. In we went to find out exactly just how “stupid” is made?

Stupid Factory

The entire store was stocked with slogan tops for adults, kids and infants. They were brilliant!

We were first greeted by this woman:

Sales Chick

We said hi to the “sales chic” and immediately commenced a picture taking (and giggling) frenzy.

There were hundreds, these stood out:

Rock is Dead

Rock is dead, long live paper and scissors

I speak English

I speak English

I found Jesus

I found Jesus he was behind the couch

Bag is fake
I can tell your bag is fake
Spork, I’m your father
Spork, I’m your father
I am your father .. NO!!
Housework is evil it must be stopped
Housework is evil it must be stopped
I hate tacos
I hate tacos, said no Juan ever
I understand
I understand I just don’t care
I dont get drunk
I don’t get drunk I get awesome
Dark Side
Come to the dark side we have cookies
In the end I settled on buying this one:
You dim some, you lose some

Why you may ask?

Material possessions come and go.

You dim sum, you lose sum, …. and, you lose sum because… you dim sum.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff, so long as you have fun, memories are forever xx

Until next time, Namaste.

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