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When it comes to a brother and sister power duo, one needs to look no further than Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman. It is the synergistic combination of their diverse talents that enabled these two siblings to launch a fashion label in 2003 that became one of Australia’s leading runway brands for simplistic tailoring, exquisite fabrics and eclectic and elegant styles. The CAMILLA AND MARC brand appeals to women seeking quality workmanship, understated sophistication and ultimate longevity in their fashion choices. In recent times, fashion has directed it’s focus to sustainability, encouraging fashionistas to make slow, mindful fashion choices when engaging in their retail therapy. Our consumer conscience is alleviated by acquiring quality garments crafted to endure the ultimate test of time  The CAMILLA AND MARC sale of a jumper, hoodie, tshirt, C&M tee or trench coat is ultimately a very sensible choice. The high standard of quality, attention to detail and workmanship ensures that a CAMILLA AND MARC dress, blazer or bag will enjoy multiple uses, perhaps by multiple wearers for years to come. 

Lauren Levy in a CAMILLA AND MARC blazer


An insight into who they are, who owns CAMILLA AND MARC and what the discerning traits and qualities to look for in a CAMILLA AND MARC blazer will reveal the secret behind why they have become an Australian success story over the past nineteen years. 

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CAMILLA AND MARC is a leading Australian high quality fashion brand.

Achieving cult status in the world of jackets, the Camilla and Marc blazer has enjoyed top place for many years. Blazer’s are iconic and here to stay. If you ran an inventory of closets of stylists, influencers and fashionistas worldwide, you’ll undoubtedly find that most will have one, often many more, well-made blazers that can be mixed and matched with many outfit variations. The versatility of the tailored jacket means that it is the one piece that will transform most outfits.  From gym to shops, from day to night, from casual to dressy the blazer is the trusted segway. Expert tailoring makes a huge difference in the quality of the blazer. This is why Camilla and Marc have catapulted in popularity of the must-have blazer arena.

Example of CAMILLA AND MARC Dress


camilla and marc montaro leather pants trousers

It is because of the unique and diverse mix of talents of the two founders that such expert tailoring and clothing construction of Camilla and Marc is possible. Camilla Freeman-Topper studied fashion at the Whitehouse Institute of design. From there she was awarded a scholarship to study for another year at the Accademia Italiana Fine Arts University in Florence Italy. Her knowledge of fabrics, tailoring and simplistic elegance became the cornerstone to the great workmanship seen on all their garments. Marc Freeman is the business brains behind the brand. With degrees in commerce and engineering, Marc developed and expanded the international exposure and brand identity of Camilla and Marc.

He was instrumental in establishing the 11 boutiques across Australia as well as their successful online operation. Internationally in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia, Camilla and Marc is stocked in many high end boutiques and department stores.

A CAMILLA AND MARC Dress on a hanger 

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Despite their huge success, Camilla and Marc have not sold any stake in their company and continue to run it as a family-owned private business. By combining the talents and strengths of two passionate siblings, this is certainly a family from whom we can observe and learn. 

Naked Pear writes about and sells CAMILLA AND MARC, Zimmermann and Karen Walker which are all internationally renowned fashion brands that originate from Australasia.

by Naked Pear Founder, Lauren Levy

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