Zimmermann Children Clothing

Zimmermann Children Clothing

There is an astonishing trend taking place in the fashion world. Not surprising, the popularity of all things Zimmermann has become prolific across generations. For some, it ends with adorning just themselves in Zimmermann clothing, accessories and shoes. For others, however, the propensity trickles down to their kids. The status-laden style has extended to fashionista’s mini-me’s too and - and, not surprisingly, Zimmermann children’s clothing which consists of the same prints, trims, and frills to match their mamas, ensures that the family is stylishly uniform and coordinated

The brand is typically a mixture of prints and colours and many textures. Often unique to the Zimmermann approach, all elements appear in the same garment, all at the same time. Zimmermann has reinvented the rules around mixing and matching. It is fascinating that so many mummy fashionistas and their little girls flock to the Zimmermann sale in a quest for great deals to coordinate their families. 


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How was Zimmerman children's line created?


All their prints are signature and unique. When launching new collections, Zimmermann's design team almost always draws inspiration from the Australian lifestyle and unique Aussie experiences. Her upbringing in Sydney inspires Nicky Zimmermann, the founder and lead designer. Most of her designs delve into her childhood and life experiences. The laidback Sydney and beach lifestyle is from where her inspo draws. Therefore, it makes sense that childhood inspiration also translates into perfectly matching kids' styles.


What does the Zimmermann Children's Clothing line consist of?


Expect to find aspiring fashionista kids matching their mums in Zimmermann children's clothing. Be it jumpsuits, dresses, bikinis, one-pieces, harem pants or flounce skirts, the smaller versions are equally gorgeous but, some would say, way cuter! The prints and colours reminiscent of each collection are the same for kids as they are for their mums. Add a mini sun hat and a rashie, and you have the Zimmermann kids collection. Ranging from ages 2-10 creates endless opportunities for mummy-and-me matching duos! Unfortunately, size ranges for tweens and teens don’t feature in the Zimmermann kid's collections. The children’s size ranges ends at ten years old. This means that older kids will fall into a size range of Zimmermann’s petite cuts for women. Nonetheless, ample opportunities exist for pretty matching ensembles.


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Where can one find Zimmermann Children's Clothing?


Zimmermann children's clothing is not hard to find; one can find them in many international locations. Cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Capri, London and Madrid are stockists of the coveted fashion line. Not to mention the thriving second-hand market of  Zimmermann and online sales. There are always those seeking an outlet for a great deal or a sustainable solution to satisfy their fashion fix. Jet-setters worldwide appear to be coordinating themselves and their families for events. It is, therefore, not surprising that children's clothing has become incredibly popular.  


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In keeping up with the Jones’s of fashion, everyone and their kids are hunting for the perfect swimsuit, dress, jeans, shoes or handbag to stylishly match up with their little ones. Who would have thought that the iconic worldwide brand, reminiscent of Sydney, Australia, would be the fashion inspiration for adults and children worldwide?


Zimmermann children clothing


Zimmermann Children clothing

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