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Zimmermann Dress

By now, I am sure you have heard of the global fad, the Zimmermann dress. They are those floaty, floral, frilly, puffy frocks for sale online almost everywhere. Resort wear has become synonymous with the creative, fashionable artwork from this renowned Australian luxury fashion brand. They are known for their feminine yet free-spirited aesthetic. There is no doubt that the Zimmermann dress sits at the high end of bohemian luxury.




zimmermann concert day mini dress


Zimmermann Keyhole Midi dress Green



The attributes of a real Zimmermann dress

Ranging in prints, colours and tones ranging from pink and white to burgundy and black. A real Zimmermann dress will feature intricate lacework, floaty fabrics, and delicate draping. A typical Zimmermann dress is designed in either a mini or midi length version. Other variations include body-hugging or floaty, short-sleeved or long, crocheted or knit, tight and stretchy or loose and airy, strapless or puff sleeves. There are many distinguishing features that make up the myriad of Zimmermann dresses


Zimmermann Estelle Crocheted Midi Dress 




What were the stand-out features of the  Zimmermann 2022 and 2023 dress?

There certainly are  differences in the Zimmermann dress collections of 2022 and 2023 as this fashion brand is continuously evolving their styles and designs. These differences include changes in the overall silhouette, the sleeve shape, colour palettes and style stories or fabric choice. It is very likely that all their collections will still have a common thread of similarity. Every season features similar aesthetics, but differing styles and collection stories. 

 Zimmermann Multi Coloured Cutout Maxi dress

Zimmermann Tropicana plunge mini dress

This is a dress that is very popular in the history of time from Zimmermann collections. It is a colourful and stylish dress, featuring a plunging neckline and a short length. It is perfect for tropical-themed parties, beach vacations, or any occasion that calls for a fun and flirty outfit. The colours are festive, so it exudes a tropical resort vibe. It can be paired with delicate strappy sandals or chunky boots, statement jewellery, and a clutch or cross body bag for a complete look. The best part about this dress is it is lightweight and breathable. This makes it versatile for repeat wears for years to come. 


Zimmermann Tropicana Plunge Mini Dress

Zimmermann Tropicana Plunge Mini Dress 


The Zimmermann Prima belted Voil dress

Another example of a great mini dress that is both beautiful and feminine is Zimmermann Prima dress. It is  a special design for special occasions. The material is lightweight and airy and the style is flattering to many body shapes. It features a flounced skirt, puff sleeves, matching belt and signature print. The matching belt can be further used with other outfits too. The belt is a great tool to cinch in the waist and create a more defined shape.The Prima mini dress is available in a range of soft, pastel shades, including pink, lavender, and blue. No wonder it was a best seller! Since this style is sold out, below are a few comparable styles.


Zimmermann Prima Belted Voil Mini Dress

Zimmermann Prima Belted Voil Mini Dress


How can you tell if a Zimmermann dress is real?

Of course, you don’t want to be duped unawares, so ascertaining authenticity is key!

Here are a few tips:

  1. The Authenticity Tag: Check for an authenticity tag attached to the dress. Authentic Zimmermann dresses will have a tag sewn into the garment with the brand's logo, name. The letters should be correctly spaced and compared to a genuine Zimmermann tag as a comparison point. 
  2. Quality of the Material: Check the quality of the fabric used. Zimmermann dresses are known for their high-quality fabrics, often naturally sourced like silk or cotton.
  3. Stitching Quality: Examine the stitching of the dress. Authentic Zimmermann dresses are often handmade, and the stitching is typically precise and neat.
  4. Price: Sorry, ladies, but it can’t be denied that Zimmermann dresses are pricey.  The good ol’ saying holds true! If it's too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Well, if the price seems too low, then it probably isn’t real. 
  5. Seller Reputation: When purchasing both second hand or new items, the seller reputation is key. It is easily ascertainable on trading marketplaces like eBay. If the rating is long-standing, positive and reliable, it means that the seller has been selling genuine items for a long time, and will in all likelihood continue to do so. Feedback scores are our best-friends in sorting out the genuine sellers from the scam artists. No seller can escape the wrath of way too many negative feedbacks. Feedback doesn't lie so rest assured you are buying real garments.


Zimmermann authentic care label 

Zimmermann real denim dress

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