At Naked Pear, we are firm believers in Karma. Karma is a Buddhist term meaning good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one's actions. This means that: ‘Our actions’ become our future deciders. To quote an old cliche - what goes around will come around. In striving for a good future, we must contribute to the environment, our community and the world around us. By releasing good into our world, good karma will be the reward. 

When attributing Naked Pear Karma rating to the products we sell, we look at the following:

  • From where did the product come?  Pre-loved scores high on the “Karma Rating” as we are already helping our struggling environment by repurposing a garment used before. This action will save it from ultimately ending up in the landfill. Buying pre-loved is an incredible way to avoid the negative impact of fashion manufacturing. When we buy a product that has already contributed to a great cause, or pre-loved fashion, it scores highly on our Karma rating. 
  • Where did the proceeds of this purchase go? Pre-loved plus charitable causes is a double whammy on the Naked Pear Karma-meter. 
  • Fashion Brands with Goodness in mind:  These brands look beyond making a profit and view other values with equal importance. These values range from matters involving supply chain, charitable causes, our communities or environmental impact. 

We hope to add many more to our list. Below are a few brands we consider Karma Champions

Fashion Forward , a charity benefitting Jewish House  

Fashion Forward is a charity and social enterprise close to Naked Pear’s heart. They are exemplary achievers in the realm of karma ratings because not only do they save the environment by selling pre-loved fashion, but they enrich lives because100% of the proceeds go to Jewish House crisis center. Jewish House crisis center helps women and children in need, often escaping domestic abuse. Many of the garments for sale on this website come from Fashion Forward with a 5-star Karma rating. They represent ‘guilt-free’ shopping at its finest. 


Fashion Forward Jewish House Fashion Charity


   Fashion forward Jewish House   

Fashion forward jewish house charity

Camilla and Marc

A brand dedicated to creating quality and timeless collections intended to stand the test of time. They make clothes that propose to last for generations to come. Camilla and Marc demonstrate a circular fashion system by selecting products and materials that will last for longer, re-used and re-circulated for as long as possible. Several sustainable initiatives, including “Future Now” and “Let's Talk About Ovaries,” show their dedication to sustainability and good causes in the community. 




Camilla and Marc


***Disclaimer: The Karma-meter is based purely on Naked Pear's opinions. We are not stipulating that these companies or organizations engage in ‘all-good’ or ‘all-bad’ practices. It is merely our opinion based on our work with these brands. Please do your own research as this is not fact, nor does it imply that we have thoroughly investigated or solicited expert opinions on these matters.