Zimmermann Alternatives

Zimmermann Alternatives

10 Australian Brands like Zimmermann

 Zimmermann Alternatives include brands such as, CAMILLA AND MARC, Camilla, Thurley, We are Kindred, Talulah, Elliat Collective, Stevie May, Steele, Keepsake the Label, Spell and The Gypsy Collective and HANNAH Artwear. Zimmermann has earned its spot as a leading high-end luxury clothing brand in Australia, coveted by stylish women worldwide. Zimmermann’s styles are iconic and eclectic yet are accompanied by substantial price tags. Unfortunately, in many instances, these price points are unattainable for smaller budgets. At Naked Pear, we have analysed the styles and affordability of similar brands as alternatives to Zimmermann.

I hope to demonstrate that similar style can still be achieved for less money. Believe it or not, there are beautiful brands that are Zimmermann lookalikes, are pleasantly affordable, and are often inspired by the original. This means they look alike and achieve the same desired look but are not identical. As you will see, many contemporary and high-street fashion brands have taken their inspiration from the great Zimmermann aesthetic. 

Please understand this:  It is never ok to support counterfeits, fakes, replicas or Zimmermann knockoffs posing as the brand. A replica Zimmermann dress or a Zimmermann knock-off is unlawful, unethical, and often operates under shady manufacturing practices. They are a big fashion no-no, so please, don’t do it. 

Zimmerman Alternatives Recommendation Ratings

Naked Pear believes in informed purchasing, so we have analysed the Aussie fashion landscape and found incredible and feasible alternatives.  Each recommendation will be rated based on the following aspects:

  1. A Zimmermann Dupe, or simply put - the ‘look for less’ or ‘lookalikes’ refers to a lower-cost item resembling Zimmerman styles. Similarities are drawn in terms of appearance, style and design. They create and capture the aesthetic and appeal of the Zimmermann piece because the original often inspires them. Ultimately, these will offer an equally powerful fashion punch without breaking the bank.
  2. Alternatives - Zimmermann is fantastic; this is undisputed. But did you know that the Australian fashion landscape has many other brands as an alternative to Zimmermann? They bring their unique aesthetic, creativity and flare. Give them a chance, you won’t be sorry.
  3. Affordability - Ultimately, we can only afford what we can, as it all boils down to the bottom line. Whilst Zimmermann sits at the Luxury Brand classification $$$$, other brands can be classified as either;

    $ = High Street 

    $$= Contemporary 

    $$$= Designer Brand

    $$$$= Luxury


    1. Camilla and Marc

    Here is a great Aussie brand that could be considered an alternative to Zimmermann. While their styles differ, they focus on sophisticated, modern designs that blend elegance and innovative silhouettes. They are not substantially cheaper than Zimmermann but are great alternatives for special occasions.

    Rating: Alternative; Affordability: $$$

    CAMILLA AND MARC Astrid midi dress

    CAMILLA AND MARC Brooks dress

    2. Camilla

    Another home-grown Aussie brand still considered a luxury label in the affordability arena is Camilla, by designer Camilla Franks. Camilla also offers vibrant and intricate designs. Like Zimmermann, Camilla specialises in swimwear, accessories, bold prints, vibrant colours and expressive aesthetics. It should be pointed out that this brand’s style aesthetic is entirely different and not at all Zimmermann lookalikes. Nonetheless, Camilla is still worthy of mentioning and browsing her styles

    Rating: Alternative;Affordability: $$$


    Camilla A-Line Gathered Panelled Dress


    Camilla Buttoned Dress with Shaped Waistband


    3. Thurley

    This Aussie brand sadly ceased trading after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

    Nonetheless, Thurley styles from past seasons are still circulating the internet and can now be picked up at great prices! Thurley can be considered a brand like Zimmermann in that it offers dresses similar to Zimmermann consisting of delicate lace, embroidery, luxurious fabrics and ornate patterns. 

    Rating: Lookalike/dupe; Affordability: $$

    Thurley Carmen Dress, red 

    Thurley Poppy Paradise Print dress


    4. We are Kindred

    Here, we have another Australian fashion brand, which, just like Zimmermann, was founded by two sisters! Another inspo similarity is drawn from their love of vintage, clothing, art and travel. This sister duo has a similar story to that of Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. Their collections are also strikingly similar and with a lower price point! Do I smell the sweet aroma of a Zimmermann dupe? I sure do! Similarities can be drawn in that both brands feature delicate fabrics, feminine silhouettes and intricate details like ruffles, lace and floral prints. 

     Rating: Lookalike/dupe; Affordability: $$

     We Are Kindred Marybeth Maxi Dress

    We Are Kindred Vivi Tiered Blouson Mini Dress

    5. Talulah

    Talulah is an Aussie fashion brand, similar to Zimmermann in some aspects, but also a lot cheaper.  Not all, but some dresses can be construed as dupes in that they feature bold prints, vibrant colours, modern silhouettes and statement-making designs. Another comparable aspect is the attention to detail, quality fabrics and well-made jumpsuits, dresses and accessories. If you seek a Zimmermann dupe, I recommend perusing the contemporary label Talulah. 

     Rating: Lookalike/dupe; Affordability: $$


    6. Elliat Collective

    Elliat Collective is an Australian brand that, just like Zimmermann, is dedicated to pushing fashion boundaries of traditional fashion designs. Attention to detail, unique textures, and an expressive artistic approach to fashion are where this brand is similar to Zimmermann. Like Zimmermann, you will find architectural elements in their dresses, separates, outerwear and accessories. Their prices are considered contemporary, so they are somewhat kinder on the pocket. Many styles released by this brand can be considered Zimmermann lookalikes!

     Rating: Alternative / Lookalike/dupe;  Affordability: $$

     Elliat Collective Dorrigo Dress

    Elliat Collective Sima Dress, pink 

    7. Stevie May

    Bohemian and free-spirited are two words that can be used to describe this Australian brand, Stevie May. Similar to Zimmermann, Stevie May's styles are romantic and whimsical. They appeal to women who seek adventure and individuality. Boho-chic with lace, embroidery and unique prints are the attributes that make this brand similar to Zimmermann, yet much more affordable. 

     Rating: Lookalike/dupe; Affordability: $

     Stevie May Persian Chic Mini Dress

    Stevie May Safron Midi Dress


    8. Steele

    Steele is a contemporary fashion brand that, like Zimmermann, was created by a sister duo with backgrounds in design and fashion. Like the Zimmermann brand, Steele is known for high-quality fabrics, intricate embellishments and designs that stand out in a crowd while remaining wearable for different occasions. Another similar aspect of this brand and Zimmermann is all their pieces are modern and timeless. Steele is another respected and sought-after label in the Australian fashion scene. 

     Rating: Alternative Lookalike/dupe; Affordability: $$

    steele Anika Dress

    Steele Lyla Dress


    9. Keepsake The Label

    Seeking an outfit for a casual outfit or special event but not committed to Zimmermann prices? Keepsake The Label is a great contemporary brand focusing on elegant, chic, feminine designs. You will find the same craftsmanship, quality fabrics and fashion-forward elegance. Their prices are more accessible without compromising on style.

    Rating: Alternative/ Lookalike/dupe ; Affordability: $$

     Keepsake the Label Sorelle Vera IS Midi Dress

    Keepsake the Label Veneto Thelma Dress


    10. Spell and The Gypsy Collective

    Spell and the Gypsy, or just ‘Spell,’ as they are called in Byron Bay, is a bohemian-inspired brand that captures feelings of wanderlust, artistic expression, festival exploring and free-spiritedness. Boho-Chic is the pinnacle of this brand, with its stand-out qualities. The similarities that Spell and The Gypsy share with Zimmermann are their use of flowing shapes, intricate embroidery and unique, signature, eye-catching prints. Spell is also recognised for its use of sustainable fabrics and its commitment to ethical practices. This brand has earned itself accolades of its own! Check them out before you splurge, as this is considered to be another great and reputable Zimmermann alternative.

     Rating: Alternative /Affordability: $$$

    Spell and the gypsy collective Flora Maxi dress

    Spell and the Gypsy Collective Ocean Dress

    Interesting Zimmermann Alternative: HANNAH Artwear

    A newcomer to the Aussie fashion landscape is HANNAH Artwear. If, similar to Zimmermann, you are a fan of silky and flowy dresses with cutouts in floral prints, or wrap dresses that hug the waist and flow at the sleeve, then this up and comer, HANNAH, may pique your interest. All the prints are hand made in India. Sustainable and stylish!

    Rating: Alternative, Affordability $$$

    Hannah artwear cutout silk flowy dress

    HANNAH Artwear wrap silk dress

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