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Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc Twister Flat Sandal, White Platform, Soft Leather, Ankle Straps

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Camilla and Marc Twister Flat Sandal

Colour: White 

RRP: $500 

These shoes are a gift to your feet and your style! Camilla and Marc's Twister flat sandals are a chunky version of the 'dad sandal' with a twist. Featuring super soft buttery leather, a soft spongy cloud-like footbed, and an ankle strap. The shoes are incredibly comfortable and will be your favourite pair for the warm summer days! 


  • Super soft leather upper, lining and ankle straps 
  • Soft footbed 
  • Matte gunmetal buckle on ankle strap 
  • Twisted strap feature 
  • 3cm platform 

These fashion siblings began in 2003 by Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman. Marc, a commerce and engineering student, contributed the requisite business acumen, whilst Camilla excelled by studying design at the WhiteHouse Institute of Design in Sydney. After graduation, she won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Accademia Italiana Arte Moda in Florence, Italy. This experience contributed to her expertise in working with high-quality textiles and refined her hands-on education for couturier techniques. The CAMILLA AND MARC mantra centres around high-end design and construction that accentuate the wearer's natural attributes. CAMILLA AND MARC believe in great design that is transcending; encouraging women to live creative and rich lives. Their styles are typically timeless, modern and tailored with a surprising edge, CAMILLA AND MARC stand for sophistication and practicality that centres on innovation. CAMILLA AND MARC are renowned for their ability to create a statement simplistically. Their styles are typically timeless, and tailored and consist of luxe fabrications. A blend of soft femininity with masculine tailoring and androgynous style is a benchmark to their brand. . Their global popularity is attributed to their effortless yet wearable pieces.