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CUE Cue Contrast Floral Midi Dress | Lace Overlay, Navy & Orange, Partial Lining

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Cue Contrast Floral Midi Dress
Size: 16
Colour: Orange / Blue
Code: C93360
Another gorgeous dress made by the Aussie brand, CUE. It features a bright orange and blue lace dress overlay over a mini lining. The striking lace is in orange and navy tones and the underlay is contrasted in navy. It is incredibly soft and moveable, despite the amount of lace!
It is a minimalist silhouette, but the striking contrasting colours make the dress a strand-out, head-turning outfit!
Styling Ideas: 
Pair it with a pair of heels for an evening look. To wear it during the day a pair of trainers or an oversized blazer would make this dress fun and wearable to more casual occasions
60% Nylon, 40% Polyester
100% Polyester

Hand Washable
Made in Australia.

CUE is a historic fashion achiever in the Australian world of fashion. In November 2019, CUE celebrated its significant milestone at the Sydney iconic Powerhouse Museum. An Australian fashion brand from the swinging '60s has grown, transformed, evolved and expanded over 50 years!
CUE is an award-winning, sustainable, ethical brand, now Australia's most prominent local fashion manufacturer.  Their brand started in London as a youth, music-inspired brand by law student Rod Levis. 
In the 1980s, CUE expanded its retail store to over 100 stores across Australia and New Zealand. At this time, the brand reflected a young and edgy approach with music-centric themes and neon signs and drew a hip crowd with a maximalist style reminiscent of the 80s. Adorned by celebrities on TV, the clothing had sequins, shoulder pads and taffeta!
Yet in the late 80s, women started to climb the corporate ladder, and CUE was ready, willing and able to create the styles required by the 'everywomen.' CUE had evolved from a youth brand to an older demographic ready for work and everyday life of the 80's modern woman. 
This evolution called for a rebranding, and "CUE DESIGN" was born. Everything about the brand, from the store aesthetics to the styles, fabric and design, represented the change from youth-brand to clothes for the elevated woman. The new brand became synonymous with carefully curated colour palettes, imported fabrics and a quality Australian manufacturer. 
The '90s were about keeping up with the world's desire for luxury. The fabrications, styles and quality continued to reflect this. CUE partnered with MYER as an exclusive fashion brand concept in every store. It quickly became the most successful brand sold in the iconic department store. Industry awards started piling up. 
In 2008 the ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited CUE as a local and ethical manufacturer. By the end of 2009, ECA confirmed that CUE was Australia's most prominent local fashion manufacturer. 
Since then, CUE has won multiple industry awards for its dedication to ethical fashion and quality, e-commerce and technical innovation. 
It is quite evident that CUE has shaped the fashion industry in Australia and continues to do so with a conscious and ethical mind.